The motor and motor-controller of this centrifugal cream separator have some very important innovations:

  1. It contains an electronic speed controller for powering the purpose-built motor. Speed is adjustable from about 8,000 to 14,000 rpm. This is great for small farmers because it allows one to easily adjust for thicker or thinner cream, and a higher or lower percentage fat in the skim milk.
  2. It is designed for use on farms where power line voltage can be unsteady. The controller will tolerate voltage swings from 70 to 150 volts while maintaining a very constant speed.
  3. Unlike the electric motors used in other cream separators (universal motors like those used in most hand tools), this motor has no brushes, and no electrical current flowing in the part of the motor that rotates. This eliminates nearly all possibility of electrical shock and it dramatically increases the durability of the motor.
  4. Most separator motors have a life of about 500 hours or much less if moisture gets in them. This new motor will have an almost unlimited life; only the bearings will eventually wear out.
  5. The internal cone pieces are made of stainless steel, and the Novo is very easy to disassemble and clean. If any part of your separator should break or go missing, we can supply parts often without charge.

tank, float, spouts, exploded
Here is an exploded view of the top half of the separator that snaps onto the base: 6. open/close valve, 5. tank, 4. float, 3. float chamber, 2. cream spout and 1. milk spout.